1. Colourful Abacus Calculator - Wood Toy - Kids Toys - Vintage Kids - Children’s Toys - Counting Board by orangem6 on Flickr.

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    Colourful Abacus Calculator - Wood Toy - Kids Toys - Vintage Kids - Children’s Toys - Counting Board
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  2. Vintage Polka Dot Glass / Mid Century Kitchen / Colorful Dots by orangem6 on Flickr.

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    Vintage Polka Dot Glass / Mid Century Kitchen / Colorful Dots
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  3. Harari women in the old city of Harar by anthony pappone photographer on Flickr.

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    The city is located on a hilltop elevation of 1885m, in the eastern of the Ethiopian highlands near border with somaliland.
    For centuries, Harar has Been a major commercial center, linked by the trade routes with the rest of Ethiopia, the entire Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and, through its ports, the outside world.
    now harar is famous for its old town surrounded by ancient walls “Harar Jugol” has been listed in the World Heritage by UNESCO. It is “Considered ‘the fourth holy city’ of Islam” with nearly 100 mosques and 102 shrines.
    inside the walls there is the house of French poet Arthur Rimabud.
    is also famous for the cultivation of delicious coffee and qat (a local drug) exported all over the Horn of Africa including Yemen and often even in some states where it is legal in europe.

  5. The town that invented the yo-yo by Tampen on Flickr.

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    The French town of Oyonnax unwisely proclaims itself the capital of the French plastics industry, which is one reason not to visit. But Oyonnax, which sprawls up the valley a couple of miles from our village, is full of surprises.

    It may be the only place in the world with a Museum of Combs. It also claims, perhaps improbably, to be the place where the yo-yo was invented.

    And it has some very peculiar architecture.

    In the late 1960s and 1970s, hordes of newly-trained French architects, inspired by the legendary Le Corbusier and fired by post-68 revolutionary zeal, headed for the provinces in search of projects.

    They built some spectacularly ugly buildings, all concrete blocks with odd angles and zero charm. They can still be found today, hulking wrecks disfiguring the landscapes of many a provincial town.

    Yet occasionally, amid the dour Socialist carnage, moments of modernist inspiration flowered. I found this glorious concrete staircase tucked almost embarrassedly behind a box-like municipal structure in Oyonnax. I began to look further, and sure enough, this unappetising French town proved a treasure trove of 20th century architectural ornament.

    I’ll be posting some more when I get back to NJ next week. In one sense there’s nothing remotely French about these geometric studies in colour and line. Yet for countless small towns like Oyonnax, strange buildings and wild colours are as French as garlic and onions.

  6. ECO FEVER_002 by VonMurr on Flickr.

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    Main corridor - view towards the main exhibition hall - Fluorescent Yellow curtain on one side - Fluorescent Passage - Brutal application of Barragan’s ambient color trough colored surface reflection.

    I have really busy but pretty satisfying time right now. Here a bit of documentation from my exhibition Eco Fever. Museo Experimental El Eco was created by Mathias Goeritz in 1957 and reopened exactly 50 years later under the protection of UNAM. Main objective of El Eco was to create experimental art space based on the Goeritz concept of Emotive Architecture.

    As for highlights of my approach to the exhibition I can mention quickly:

    1. Color Clasism - (“noble” and “vulgar” colors)

    2. Transgression between high and pop culture (night club - museum)

    3. Softening the severity of Goeritz (and Barragan) approach to minimalism / mysticism

    4. Sacrilege - as much cultural/aesthetical as “religious” - in this case monolith becoming soft, pink - the divine in its erotic, sissy aspect)

    5. Efficiency / Potential Test (related to my previous The Best of The Rest project)

    Those interested in more detailed commentary can read my statement and short questionnaire I am providing at The Set Page. (At the moment unfortunately in Spanish only)

    Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico DF, February 28th 2008

    Sony Cybershot 10.1 MgPx