1. unknowneditors:

    Ilse Leenders - Mimicry

    The inspiration of the series Mimicry came from the uniformity of the human beings.
    People from whom the identity is missing and those who are inconspicuous in our society. Just like animals they adapt to their environment. Visually in this series it is shown by the use of similar costumes, position and sex.

    Mimicry has been published in Eyemazing issue #2, 2004.

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  2. rogerwilkerson:

    Friday Stepping Out

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  3. enginekid88photos:

    DAVID LACHAPELLE (B. 1963) - Purple Dragon Fireball and Madonna, New York, 1998

  4. paulkasmingallery:

    David LaChapelle, Self-Portrait as a House, 2013, now at our 293 Tenth Avenue location!

  5. 88floors:

    David Lachapelle scales models of refineries

  6. showslow:

    Alessandro Polia, Bounded by bounding colors

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  8. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Andrew B. Myers.

    Rainbow Road

    Taste the Rainbow

    Sweet Nothings


  9. fashizblackdiary:

    GIRLS OF BLAZE" collection lookbook by Solange Knowles for PUMA.

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