1. Harari women in the old city of Harar by anthony pappone photographer on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    The city is located on a hilltop elevation of 1885m, in the eastern of the Ethiopian highlands near border with somaliland.
    For centuries, Harar has Been a major commercial center, linked by the trade routes with the rest of Ethiopia, the entire Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and, through its ports, the outside world.
    now harar is famous for its old town surrounded by ancient walls “Harar Jugol” has been listed in the World Heritage by UNESCO. It is “Considered ‘the fourth holy city’ of Islam” with nearly 100 mosques and 102 shrines.
    inside the walls there is the house of French poet Arthur Rimabud.
    is also famous for the cultivation of delicious coffee and qat (a local drug) exported all over the Horn of Africa including Yemen and often even in some states where it is legal in europe.

  4. Ndebele Artist by jnconradie on Flickr.

    Krugersdorp, Gauteng, ZA

  5. Beaded by Lauren Barkume on Flickr.

    Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

  6. Hairstyle by BoazImages on Flickr.

  7. Papua New Guinea feathers headdress by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr.

    Mount Hagen, Western Highlands, PG

  8. The misterious woman in yellow ! by Pierre Mallien on Flickr.

    Bishopsgate, London, England, GB

  10. Mayan woman walking on the beach in Cancun by Ricardo Carreon on Flickr.

    La Isla Dorado, Quintana Roo, MX