1. Vintage Clamp Lamp / 70’s Atomic Lightning / Targetti, Italy / Orange by orangem6 on Flickr.

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    Vintage Clamp Lamp / 70’s Atomic Lightning / Targetti, Italy / Orange
    Find it here: etsy.me/Wn1hEi

  2. scienceisbeauty:

    Many thanks to @MikeatPrinceton for sending me this tumblr page, that will guide you to “Art of Science”, a  exhibition site from Princeton University that explores the interplay between science and art, exactly the same philosophy who inspire this very blog. So I picked out some nice pictures from the 2013 gallery for this post, precisely these ((from top to bottom and left to right)):

    - Light eddies

    - Bridging the gap

    - The history of gliding

    - Electron turnstile

    - Worm water slide

    - Conducting path

    Blossoming flame

    - Hoodoos

    - Tropical sunset

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  3. everydayafrica:

    @breezeyoko has been leaving his mark with his stunning murals across the motherland using material found in the cities he’s been traveling to with the @invisibleborders team. This is one of the murals he did in Senegal Dakar.

  4. greatartinuglyrooms:

    fyi, I make paintings and img_srch inkjets when not making GAiURs. Mark Flood Resents will show some of it in NYC. on instagram = @paul_kremer and @mfresents

  6. thegetty:

    June 28, 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo, launching a fateful cascade of events that would lead to the first mechanized world war. In “the war to end all wars,” weapons were not only tanks and bayonets, but also images and words.

    War of images, images of war comes to our galleries November 18.

    The Trench, Félix Vallotton. In C’est la guerre!, 1915–16, pl. 1.
    The Devil’s Bagpipes, lithograph in Kartinki—voina russkikh s nemtsami, 1914.
    Our toy. The Villainous Kaiser Wilhelm, Paul Iribe. Cover of Le mot 1, no. 4 (January 2, 1915). The Getty Research Institute

  7. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Russell Cobb

    Painting on Books IV

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  9. tapist:

    backwardsghost - Orange Triangles

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  10. archilista:

    [Orange Square] d-Arkroom .via archatlas