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    Marko Vuleta-Djukanov    |    http://markovuletadjukanov.com

    "A year in posters” is a project by kreativøperativ. It  is a spontaneous project, inspired by love for good design. The idea was to create two posters a month throughout 2014. Themes in posters are in no relation with time of the year, although it might appear that way. They are the results of inspiration in a moment."

    What you see and what you can make from it. Marko is the second perspective guy. Whatever needs to be built, it’s equally challenging and rewarding to enhance it. After 10 years of looking at things from a different angle, he enjoys design for one simple reason. Creativity breeds innovation, innovation breeds creativity. And this is one job where that wheel just keeps on turning.

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  2. Retro Alarm Clock / Desk Clock / Vintage Made in China by orangem6 on Flickr.

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    Retro Alarm Clock / Desk Clock / Vintage Made in China
    Find it here: etsy.me/1t2KSCy

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    May 16, 2014.

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    PowerShot G1X Mark II

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    Bicicleta Sem Freio x JUSTKIDS Euro Tour.

    Brazilian collective Bicicleta Sem Freio just returned from a month long tour in Europe organized by JustKids. Dubbed the “JustKids Euro Tour”, Bicicleta Sem Freio stopped by six different cities to bring their good vibes to the residents. Passing through London, Berlin, Pinerolo, Gaeta, Terracina and Turin, BSF worked their magic on a series of 5 spectacular Street Art murals and worked with an old Italian master printer on an amazing screen print (last image, above).  See more of their murals from the Euro Tour below.

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  6. Posters by Erik Nitsche for General Dynamics in 1950

    Erik Nitsche is a Swiss graphic designer born in 1908 who was a pioneer of modernism, is particularly known for the work he has done for the company General Dynamics in the late 1950s creating visual identity with a series of posters and annual reports. 
    there shows the different technology areas in which the firm is involved with colorful designs, geometric and minimalist.

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    Västra Skogen Station Platform, Stockholm.

    © 2014 Alex James Bruce

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    September 18, 2014.

    Berlin, Germany

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    Puss in Boots Stamps.

    German Democratic Republic (GDR), 1963

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